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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem the free Founding Member float (and are there any restrictions) ?

Yes, if you purchased your Founding Membership before midnight on July 11th you’re eligible for an extra free float and it is meant to be used before July 18th. Since our early access period has ended and we are now fully open, you will need to contact us in order to book your free float. If you can’t use it within that period, please let us know and we’ll figure it out.

How can I book 2 float appointments for the same time?

Please give us a call at +44 20 3581 7108 and we’ll help get these appointments booked in for you!

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation process. If you have booked an appointment with us and need to reschedule, please let us know at least 24 hours before your scheduled time to avoid losing your float credit.

What is your refund or return policy?

We do not do refunds or returns on any services, however we are open to your feedback and want to ensure you have the best experience with us. Please reach out to us at to sort out any issues or concerns.

Are there reasons someone isn't able to float?


If you have recently dyed your hair or spray tanned the spray tan or hair dye can leak into the water and damage the float tanks. You want to make completely sure that no dye is coming out of your hair in the shower or on a towel after washing (usually within a few days to weeks depending on the treatment). Leave a minimum of 48 hours after a spray tan before floating.

If you have a new tattoo you want to make sure it’s been at least 30 days (or your tattoo has fully healed) before floating as the salt water can cause painful burning.

Are there any differences between the rooms?

No, each room is identical in the floatation tank, shower and amenities to provide you with the most premium float experience no matter which room you’re in!

What do I need to know for my appointment? Should I bring anything?

When you book an appointment, you will receive an email that will provide some important information to prepare you for your first float with us. You can also review our page on float therapy which has tips and recommendations to have the best experience!

We provide everything you need for your session. 

When should I arrive for my appointment?

For your first float session, we recommend arriving no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This ensures we can give you a full walkthrough beforehand without taking away from your time floating.

Any float sessions past your first time, you can arrive 5 minutes before.