Our members get the best prices on floats, free 90-minute float upgrades, and discounted floats for friends or family. Pay monthly, 3 months minimum term.

Float Club Membership

Membership Gives the Best Price with 3 months minimum term only.Share floats with friends and family.

We recommend at least 3 sessions in 45 – 60 days to experience the full benefits of floating

Membership 1 FloatLimited Time Only

£ 40

Per Month
  • One 60 min. float per month
  • Additional floats only £40
  • Get 20% off shareable packs or gift cards
  • Earn float credit for referrals
  • Free upgrade to 90 min. floats (Subject to availability)
  •  Exclusive perks + partner benefits
  • 3 Months minimum term only.
  • Sessions are valid 12 months and unused session do roll over.
  • At cancellation sessions expire after 30 days.
  •   Share floats with friends and family.
  •   Can be paused/freeze up to 3 months per calendar year.

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Weekly MembershipBest For Regular Floating

£ 150

Per Month
  • 4 x 60 minute floats
  • Discover deeper benefits of floating
  • Full perks & benefits of membership
  • 3 Months minimum term only.

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Earn £15 free float credit for you & every new customer you refer.

Improved Sleep

Floating brings your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems back into sync for deeper, more restorative sleep.

Stress Relief

The lack of sensory input and pressures on your mind and body allow them to go into deep states of rest and healing processes.

Mental Health

Studies are starting to show the benefits of floating for people who struggle with anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Pain Relief

Floating's weightlessness relieves all pressure on your body so it can release endorphins that help with chronic pain, fibromyalgia and other conditions.

Faster Recovery

Many of the world's top performing athletes rely on floating thanks to its role in speeding up recovery times, aiding visualization techniques and supporting injury healing.

Pregnancy Support

Women who are pregnant have found profound relief from floating to alleviate the weight and pressures on their body, while allowing a deeper connection to their child.

Faster Learning

The Navy Seals reduced learning languages from 6 months to 6 weeks, thanks to the improved focus, creativity and state of "super-learning" from floating.

Effortless Mindfulness

The environment and practice of floating allows anyone new to mindfulness to achieve the same deep meditation and Theta brainwaves as expert meditators and yogis.

Focus & Creativity

Your mind becomes endlessly more productive, creative and clear in the calm state it reaches through floating, which can improve focus and help with problem solving.

Only 3 months minimum term committment.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Get 15% off Frame Membership & Gold Memberships

Get a range of discounts & benefits on physio, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, and more

Get a £10 discount on standard monthly membership as well as your Essentials kit upon joining for only £1 (Boxing gloves, hand wraps, MyZone Heart Rate Monitor – R.R.P. £120).

Get £50 or 10% off first orders on their service using special codes . Learn more here.

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What are the terms and conditions of membership?

  1. Our membership begins on the date of your first payment or a later date of your choosing, and payment will be taken each month on the same date as the start of your membership.
  2. My Float Hub membership recurs at £40 or £150/month and includes 1 or 4 floats/month.
  3. As a member, I am able to purchase additional float sessions for £40 each.
  4. For every new member I refer to Float Hub, I will receive free float credit (currently £15) on my account as well as offer an exclusive referral discount to each new customer I refer.
  5. Any unused floats on my account rollover and are valid for 12 months.
  6. If my membership falls out of good standing for non-payment, or I choose to terminate my membership, all float credits will expire within 30 days
  7. My membership fees are not refundable
  8. Memberships have 3 months minimum initial term are month-to-month. 
  9. You can cancel this contract after the 3 months minimum term with 10 days written cancellation notice (info@floathub.co.uk)
  10. You can Pause 3 months per calendar year.
  11. Share floats with friends and family.

How does the membership work?

You receive our best possible price on floats and lock it in for as long as your membership stays active. There is no commitment to your membership after the initial 3 months commitment , but we hope you’ll want to stay with us for a lot longer than that.

Can I share my floats with others?

Our memberships are now shareable,  you can also refer others to receive an exclusive referral discount, and be rewarded with float credit onto your own account. Check the ‘me’ page when logged in for full details.

Share floats with friends and family.

How long are float sessions?

All floats are 60 minutes long, which is a standard length, especially for those getting started with the practice. By becoming a member at Float Hub, you unlock the ability to extend your floats to 90 minutes when available. Please contact us for more information or to extend an upcoming appointment.

Is there any commitment, sign up, or cancellation fee for membership?

No, our memberships are flexible and month-to-month. There is no sign up or cancellation fee to become a member. We only require a minimum 3 months initial membership and 10 days written cancellation notice before the payment is due.

What if I want to float more than once a month?

The best option is to sign up for our membership, which gives you the best price on floats, additional floats at the same price, and many additional perks. You can simply purchase more floats whenever you need them, so you can adjust based on your schedule or needs at the time. All memberships offer flexibility on floating more often, and multi-float memberships give even better value if you know you’ll commit to floating more than once per month.

Can I change the date of the payment for the monthly fee?

Yes of course, simply call us in store or email us to team@floathub.co.uk and we will change the autopay date for you in few minutes.

Can I book a 90 minutes session?

The 90 min upgrade is free for members subject to availability, meaning that when you arrive in store you can ask for the upgrade and if the room after your session is free and nobody has booked it, the host will extend your session to 90 minutes.

If you would like to be sure 100% to have the 90 minute upgrade you can simply book  9.30 am and arrive at 9am.

Or you can book at 10am and you arrive at 9.30 am

OR evening:

booking  at 7.30 or 8:00 pm and you can float for 90 min guaranteed.

Weekends are our busiest days but floating during the week gives many more chances to upgrade much easily anytime.

For more information or help please email to team@floathub.co.uk

How do update the credit card on my account?

Simply log into your account with your email and password and click ‘ ME ” , scroll down and you will find an option to update the credit card.

Or simply call in store and we will update for you.

What's your refund policy?

We do offer full refund within 14 days from the purchase.

Refunds are available within 14 days of purchase, if the sessions have not been used. If you need a refund for any reason, please get in touch and we can help you with this


Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

You can login and manage your account with us via our booking page.

Can I change the time or date of my appointment?

Yes, we ask that you only change appointments at least 24 hours before your scheduled time. Please give us a quick call or message to arrange your new appointment time.

How are memberships cancelled?

We only ask that people pay for the month they are in, and should someone decide they don’t want to keep their membership for the best value, we’d simply stop the auto-pay to prevent further payments being taken. We hope that most people will love the experience, and want to continue to experience the compounding benefits of a regular floating practice!

You can cancel this contract at any time with 10 days written cancellation notice (tony@floathub.co.uk).

When do membership payments get charged?

Membership payments are made every 30 days based on when you signed up. Every month provides you with one float session credit on your account which rolls over for up to 12 months and can be used at any time as long as your membership is active.

3 Months

Find Your Flow

  • Feel the initial benefits
  • Get comfortable floating
  • Experience different floats
  • Uncover a new state of calm
6 Months

Feel Deep Changes

  • Find a new baseline
  • Experience greater energy
  • More consistent calm
  • Stable, brighter mood
12 Months

Meet The New You

  • Significant health shifts
  • Less pain in past injuries
  • Deep state of calm
  • Dramatic life improvements
Float for Your Best Self

Members and Celebrities On Float Therapy

“I found it to be one of the most anxiety reducing experiences Ive ever had”

Tim FerrissAuthor & Entrepreneur

“WOW! It took a few seconds to completely let my arms, legs and head relax in the water but then the weightlessness took over. It was a bizarrely delightful experience. A great form of meditation. I felt calm & peaceful, yet energized…”

Rachel HunterSupermodel

"I think it's one of the most incredible pieces of equipment for self-help and introspective thought you can ever find."

Joe RoganComedian, Podcaster & UFC Commentator

Ready to discover who you will become with floating?