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It's my first session, what do I need to bring or what to do?

Click on the Menu bar : ” Your First Float ” and you will find all the information.

We provide everything, from towels to shampoo, reusable earplugs.

Feel free to bring your slippers if you do not like to walk barefoot.

We do not provide slippers or combs. (Covid regulations and Personal Hygiene).

Yes you can float naked without swimming trunks.

Please feel free to email for more specific questions to :

What's the difference between individual and shareable packs?


3 Float Pack £99 – INDIVIDUAL use

Meaning that one person only can use the 3 sessions.

3 Floats Pack £135 – SHAREABLE use

Meaning 3 different people can use the 3 sessions

2 Floats £95 – SHAREABLE use

Meaning 2 people can share the sessions in Single Individual rooms.

We do offer every month different special offers so you may not find the examples in the online shop and this is only to explain the meaning of individual and sharing.

Please note: SHAREABLE  means you can share the sessions but it does not mean that you can share the same float tank.

You can still float at the same time (if there is availability) but in different rooms and tanks.



FROM THE 1ST APRIL 2023  You  can share the same tank, so you can float together in Orbit Tank 4 & 6 only.

You need to buy 60 minutes Float for Two £95 and you can float in couple on room 4 & 6 Only.

PS: If you book Float for 2 £95 and one person cannot come we do not give any refund.

Of course you can still float alone as before using the normal credits for 60 minutes individual float.

Float for two - (Couple Float) for 2 people floating together in the same tank.

Float for Two (Couple Float) is for two people wishing to float together in the same tank and room.

You can book Float for two in rooms  4, 5, and  6.

Our Orbit pods are the largest and most hygienic available, and they comfortably offer enough space for two. This could be perfect for parents who want to let their children float to help with sports, anxiety or studies, for people to bring their partners, or for people to bring a friend or carer to first try it out together.

Please note: If you purchase a Float for Two and come to float alone, you are very welcome to float but you are not entitled to a refund for the person missing.

To float together 2 people in the same tank you will need to purchase ” Float for two” £95.

If you purchase Single floats you will be unable to book float for two as they are different services.

If you have several Single Floats and wish to transform into ” Float for two” please send your request to

If you have purchased a Single Float and wish to upgrade into a float for two, please send your request to and paying the difference you can be upgraded with the new service.

If you have purchased an Intro Offer of 3 floats £99 then we need to use all 3 floats to transform into a Float for Two (£95). We can change this only if the pack has not been partially used. Please send your request via email.

The tanks are all the same : single or float for two so if you wish to have lot of space of movement and do not enjoy to stay so close with the other person we advice to choose Single sessions where you have your own tank and room.

Please do not book 2 single floats and then asking to float together because you are occupying an extra room that should be free to be booked by another customer.

The only way to book Float for Two is to purchase flot for two or if you have existing single floats on your account please send a request to us via email and we will delete the single sessions and add and transform into float for two manually for you.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Claustrophobia is one of the most common initial concerns and people who struggle with it consistently report no problems with floating, as the lack of light in our spacious tanks (the largest available) gives more of an expansive feeling without any boundaries.

You also have the option to float with the lights on, lid open, or however you prefer — you’re in control of your float.

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

No. It’s common to fall asleep for parts or sometimes all of your float and the water is so buoyant that you always stay afloat.

The worst that can happen is being woken by a little salt water in your eyes, though our non-drip tanks make this unlikely.

Do I need to sign a Waiver form?

Yes, please make sure you read and sign the waiver online as soon as possible for 2 reasons:

1: If you discover on the waiver you cannot float, you will avoid to come in the store for nothing and you have the time to cancel or reschedule your session.

2: In store we don’t have broadband to avoid disturbance form mobile phones in a place of deep relaxation, so you will have to go outside to find a good signal  broadband to sign the waiver and this might delay your session and if takes too much time and you are not ready, then your session can be shortened to avoid to delay the customers after you.

We will send you the Waiver form automatically as soon as you book a session on your email and text message. If you cannot find please check in the spam folder.

Thank you for your cooperation.

How the water is cleaned?

Our tanks are among the most hygienic systems available. The highly sterile salt water is 100% filtered between floats, as our tanks empty and refill for each float. A small amount of steriliser is added and the water is also sanitised with UV light.

How often do you replace the water?

Our tanks are among the most hygienic systems available. The highly sterile salt water has 525KG of medical grade Epsom salts and is 100% filtered between floats through a 1 micron filter & ozone filter, as our tanks empty and refill for each float. A small amount of steriliser is added and the water is also sanitised with UV light. The water is not wasted, but returns clean enough to drink each time (except it’s very salty)!

Do I need to bring anything?

No. We have some tips and recommendations above to consider the day of your appointment, however we provide everything you need for your session. Due to covid restrictions we are unable to provide slippers so you can bring your own if you do now wish to walk barefoot or with socks.

We do not provide combs (personal hygiene).

Can I bring my baby/children/kids and they wait while I have my float?

We can only welcome 18+ in our centre. Please do not bring any kids, children, babies because for insurance reasons we cannot look after them.

Our facilities are for floating customers only, so we kindly ask you not to bring friends/family to wait for you during your float because we have limited spaces and they are for people who have booked a float.

The relaxation room is for AFTER FLOAT customers only.

Thank you for understanding.

What's the closest tube station? Any parking?

We are at only 10 minutes walking from Old Street tube station (Northern Line)

Exit 1: Shoreditch/Hoxton

Parking: please check Hoxton square

(Please note we are not responsible for parking)

We are at only 10 minutes walking from Shoreditch High Street (Overground)


Who is unable to float? When can I not float?

You can’t float if:

  • You have open wounds
  • You had diarrhea in the past 14 days
  • You’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • You have recently dyed your hair or applied tanning products
  • You have infectious diseases
  • You have got a recent tattoo

Can I float if I recently dyed my hair or spray tanned?

No, the spray tan or hair dye can leak into the water and damage the float tanks. You want to make completely sure that no dye is coming out of your hair in the shower or on a towel after washing (usually within a few days to weeks depending on the treatment). Leave a minimum of 48 hours after a spray tan before floating.

Can I float if I am pregnant?

Yes! There are many unique benefits that helps relieve the pressure and tensions on the body during pregnancy, while also providing a deeper connection to your child.

We recommend confirming with your doctor first however.

We ask for people not to float in their first trimester, purely because it’s a higher risk stage for pregnancy generally.

Can I float if I have a new tattoo?

You want to make sure it’s been at least 30 days (or your tattoo has fully healed) before floating as the salt water can cause painful burning.

What's the expiration date on sessions?

For 60 minutes paid full price – Valid 6 months

3 pack £135 – Valid 6 months

4 pack £180 – Valid 6 months

All the highly discounted packages like Black Friday Deal, June Pride, Off Peak Deals, Intro offers… etc they are valid 3 months from the date of purchase.

The expiration days are clearly indicated on the online shop before you make a purchase and on our website.

What happens if I book expired sessions?

All sessions or packs have an expiration date and this is shown before you buy the packs and in the receipts.

Also you receive an automatic email 14 days before the expiration date as a reminder.

If you book after the expiration date you will be asked to pay full price of £60 or you will not be able to float at all.

Highly discounted packs have an expiration of 3 months (Intro Pack, Black Friday Deals and many more) so please make sure you book within the period they are valid.

PS: Only member’s sessions do not expire, as long as membership is active and in good stand,(meaning no payments are missing).

Thank you

How long are the floats sessions?

Each float session appointment includes 60 minutes for you to be inside of the pod floating, with an additional 25 minutes that allows you to change and shower both before and after the appointment. Members have the opportunity to upgrade to 90 minute float sessions when available. (Subject to availability)

We ask that you try to keep your showering brief to ensure we have enough time to clean up the room and get it ready for the next appointment. You can freshen up and take your time getting ready in our Vanity Room where we have moisturizer, hair dryers and other amenities. Plus, feel free to keep relaxing for as long as you’d like in our Relaxation Room with tea and some reading materials.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

For your first float session, we recommend arriving no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This ensures we can give you a full walkthrough beforehand without taking away from your time floating.

Any float sessions past your first time, you can arrive 5 minutes before.

Please note: If you arrive late we might have to shorten your session or reschedule to avoid delay to other customers after you.

Please note: If you arrive too early and we are fully booked we might ask you to come back 15 minutes before your time because the relaxation room is for after float people who are meditating and or relaxing, so we don’t want to disturb them.

PS  Please refrain from using the mobile phone in the relaxation room, thanks.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation process. If you have booked an appointment with us and need to reschedule, please let us know at least 24 hours before your scheduled time to avoid losing your float credit.

What is your refund policy?

We do offer full refund within 14 days from the purchase.

Refunds are available within 14 days of purchase, if the sessions have not been used. If you need a refund for any reason, please get in touch and we can help you with this.

Booking a session with a NO SHOW doesn’t entitled to a refund.

Can couples float together?

From the 1st April 2023 you can float together in the same tank.


To float in couple please purchase 60 minutes Float for Two at £95 and book room 4 & 6 only.

We also have the Float for two membership at £70 monthly, click memberships

What's the minimum age for floating?

Anyone 18 years old and up is able to float at our centre currently.


Are there any differences between the rooms?

No, each room is identical in the floatation tank, shower and amenities to provide you with the most premium float experience no matter which room you’re in!

Room 4 and 6 can be booked for  “Float for Two” sessions where two people can float together.

Please note: you can Float together buying FLOAT FOR TWO and booking in room 4 or 6 only..

If you buy Float for Two you have to float together in the same time, not in separate rooms.

Single floats can be booked in Room 1 to 6.


What happens if I get the salt in my ears?

If you didn’t rinse out well enough the Epsom salt may begin to crystallise in your ears, creating a crunchy or crackling sensation that can be quite uncomfortable.

This, thankfully, is also an easy fix! Create a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and water and bring this into your shower at home. Pour it into your ears, one at a time, and swish it around.  The vinegar will dissolve the Epsom salt

Don’t let the fear of salty ears turn you off floating – most people have no issue with saltwater in their ears and if it has happened to you, the vinegar solution does the trick.

The best thing to do is be preventative: be sure your earplugs are securely before you shower and rinse when when you finish during the shower.

What happens if I get the saltwater in my eyes?

It may sting a bit due to the amount of epsom salt in the water, so we recommend you avoid touching your face or placing your hands over your head at any time. Our float tanks are non-drip and we provide a water bottle to help flush out your eyes if this happens.

Do I have to get my hair wet?

Yes, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep your hair dry during a float session, even if you wear a swim cap (many people have tried!). If your hair comes in contact with the water (as it inevitably will.)

To prevent any tactile distractions, we recommend not using a shower cap or swim cap in the float pod

Can I wear contact lens in a float tank?

It’s best not to wear your contact lenses in the tank. If you wear contacts please bring a case and solution so you can keep them safe while your float.

Do I shower before or after using the float pod?

 Both times actually. … After stepping out of the float pod you have another quick rinsing shower that will remove any leftover Epsom salts accumulated during the float. Rinse your hair thoroughly as well as cleaning out left over salt water from your ears is recommended.

Can I send an electronic gift card?

Yes, you have the option of an electronic the gift card. When you go to purchase one from our online store choose GIFT CARDS, you will have the option of sending it via email on a scheduled date that you choose (ex. birthday or anniversary).

How do I redeem or use a gift card I received?

If you received an electronic gift card, you can easily book your session online.

Go to our booking system and login or create an account. You’ll need to choose the services that correspond with your gift card and enter your card number upon checkout.

Email us at

Do I need to create an account in order to purchase ?

You must make an account to purchase a service credit, package, or membership, as well as booking a reservation. Reservations are always tied to a customer account.

Gift Cards can be purchased online without creating an account, but they would still need to create an account in order to book a reservation or be booked for a reservation.

Can I pay in shop ?

We only accept Pre Paid bookings, so you should purchase your session and only after you can book a room.

You cannot book a room without any credit in your account.

You can come in store and pay in store before floating yes, (walk in), but we cannot guarantee that you will find a room available for you.

We are a cashless business meaning we do not accept cash but you will need to pay using your credit card online or ask our host to help you if you have problems in filling your details.

We only accept PrePaid bookings.

For more information feel free to email us at

I am trying to buy online but it's not working, can you help ?

First of all we are very sorry about this and totally understand your frustration.

But unfortunately if you credit card is not working we can only suggest few things to check:

1: Check the address on your account is where the card is registered.

If you moved home and you failed to notify to the card/bank and using the new address the car may not work because the authorisation code is the numbers on the pot code which will not be the correct one.

2: Check you have enough cash on your card because some cash cards like Monzo, if you are trying to pay £30 and you have £29.99 this will not work.

3: Try using a different credit or debit card.

We are happy to try ourselves in store for you but if in the end your card is not working we can only advice to contact the card/bank and ask them to help you.

Thank you

What are the terms and conditions of membership?

  1. Our membership begins on the date of your first payment or a later date of your choosing, and payment will be taken each month on the same date as the start of your membership.
  2. My Float Hub membership recurs at £45 or £70/month and includes 1 or 4 floats/month. Annual Membership 13 Floats at £480/Year (£37/Float)
  3. As a member, I am able to purchase additional float sessions for £40 each. (1 Float membership x month).
  4. For every new member I refer to Float Hub, I will receive free float credit (currently £15) on my account as well as offer an exclusive referral discount to each new customer I refer.
  5. Share floats with friends and family.
  6. Any unused floats on my account rollover and are valid for 12 months.
  7. If my membership falls out of good standing for non-payment, or I choose to terminate my membership, all float credits will expire within 30 days
  8. My membership fees are not refundable
  9. Memberships have 3 months minimum initial term commitment.
  10. You can cancel this contract at any time with 10 days written cancellation notice (
  11. You can pause your membership from 1 to 3 month x calendar year.

How does the membership work?

  1. You receive our best possible price on floats and lock it in for as long as your membership stays active. There is only a commitment to three months to your membership, but we hope you’ll want to stay with us for a lot longer than that.
  2. Your sessions will never expire as long as your membership is active and there are no missing payments.
  3. You can pause/freeze up to three months per calendar year.
  4. If you wish to cancel after the three months commitment please send an email to 10 days before the payment.
  5. Please note when you cancel /terminate your membership, all your existing sessions/credit will expire after 30 days.
  6. If you miss the payments and we are unable to collect the fee for more than 30 days, the system will automatically terminate your membership and your sessions will expire after 30 days

What memberships do you have and what's the difference between them?

1 Single float Membership £45/monthly.

You have  one float per month in single room.


2 Single floats Membership £70/monthly

You have 2 floats per month in single room.


Float for two membership, £70/Monthly

1 Float per month for 2 people floating together in the same tank/room.

Can I share my membership floats with others?

  1. Our memberships are now shareable,  you can also  refer others to receive an exclusive referral discount, and be rewarded with float credit onto your own account. Check the ‘me’ page when logged in for full details.
  2. Share floats with friends and family.

Can I have the water temperature hot like my home bath?

Ok let’s start saying that Floatation Therapy is not a bath and the reason why we float is therapeutic and not to wash ourselves like in our home bath.

Water is too cold – Water is too hot.

This is a very common problem in all Floating tanks everywhere in the world and the reason is very simple.

We all have different sensitivity to hot and cold with our skin.

The standard for float tanks is 35 degrees, body temperature but we have decided at Float Hub to have at 37 degrees, so 2 more then the standard.

During the summer we bring to 36 as we will have too many people saying it’s too hot.

During the floating our mind will do everything to destroy the session with thoughts about water cold or hot or anything else.

Please try to control my mind by focusing on ” I am breathing in and I am breathing out” and eventually I go into a “theta” state where I am not thinking about water or any other external stimuli.

Unfortunately we cannot have more than 37 degrees, as it’s already more then the international standard, and would not be a float but a hot bath then.

Can we also suggest drying the front of your body after the shower so that the area of the body floating outside the water is dry and not wet, this sometimes helps a lot.

Can I book 90 minutes float?

The 90 min upgrade is free for members only subject to availability, meaning that when you arrive in store you can ask for the upgrade and if the room after your session is free and nobody has booked, the host will extend your session to 90 minutes for free. For this reason cannot be booked.

If you want to be sure 100% to have the 90 minute upgrade you can simply book first in the MORNING and arrive 30 minutes earlier , for example if you book 9.30 am and arrive at 9am you can start the session 30 minutes earlier.

Or you could  book at 10am and you arrive at 9.30 am.

OR in the evening:

You could book at 7.30 or 8:00 pm (Monday to Friday) and you can float for 90 min guaranteed. Or 7:00 pm and 7,30 pm  on Saturday and Sunday.

Please note: Weekends are our busiest days and floating during the week gives many more chances to upgrade much easily.

For more information please contact us :

Is there any commitment, sign up, or cancellation fee for membership?

  1. There is no sign up or cancellation fee to become a member.
  2. We require a minimum initial term of 3 months.
  3. The membership can be paused up to 3 months x calendar year after the initial 3 months period.
  4. You can cancel after the 3 months initial period with an email to 10 days before the payment is taken.

I am a member. What if I want to float more than once a month?

  1. The best option is to sign up for our membership, which gives you the best price on floats, additional floats at the same price, and many additional perks. You can simply purchase more floats whenever you need them, so you can adjust based on your schedule or needs at the time. All memberships offer flexibility on floating more often, and multi-float memberships give even better value if you know you’ll commit to floating more than once per month.
  2. If you are a member you only pay £40 for any additional session instead of £60 (Normal price of 1 session)

Can I change the date of the payment for the monthly fee for my membership?

  1. Yes of course, simply call us in store or email us to and we will change the autopay date for you in few minutes.

I want to float for 2 hours how do I do?

Simply book 2 x 60 min sessions one after another.

Do float credits ever expire?

  1. FOR MEMBERS: Floats on your account rollover and they are valid 12 months. If the membership is terminated all sessions will expire after 30 days.
  2. FOR NON MEMBERS:  Yes normally floats are valid 6 months from the date of purchase, or 3 months for highly discounted offers like Black Friday Deals or others.

Do I have to buy a float before booking an appointment?

  1. Yes, you will need to first purchase a float session that you can put towards your appointment that you will be booking.
  2. We only accept prepaid bookings.

Whats is Epsom Salt? Is it good for your skin?

    • Epsom salt is a magnesium-rich mineral used for centuries to improve sleep, and reduce pain, cramping, headaches, and muscle ache. And there’s half a ton of it in each of our pods!

    Epsom salt also makes dry skin feel soft and supple; and can remove impurities, toxins, oil and dirt from the skin. The magnesium in the Epsom salt is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, and therefore helps to improve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and athlete’s foot.

Are there any side-effects?

There are no known negative side-effects of floating. But there are numerous scientifically proven benefits – see our benefits pages or read

What can I expect for my first float?

The majority of people emerge from their float feeling refreshed and relaxed, with a clearer head. The benefits are different for everyone, so it’s best to be open-minded about what you’ll experience. Sometimes it can take a few floats to learn how to switch off fully – so stick with it if you felt like you could have relaxed more deeply.

How much salt do you use?

We use 575 kg of Epsom salt in each floatation tank.

Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes you simply need to enrol.

To enrol simply email us or ask to a receptionist in shop.

We do not enroll automatically because many people do not like to be enrolled without their permission.

You will receive your own referral code to give to your friends.

For each introduction who purchase a float you will receive a credit on your account of £15 and the person you introduce will get a £15 discount if use your referral code when buying the session.

Please note :

  1. If you give the code to your friends and they do not purchase anything, clearly you will not have any credit given.
  2. Only after their purchase you will get £15 credited on your account.
  3. If your friends buy without using your code, sorry we cannot give you the credit of £15. Once the transaction has been completed without code, sorry we cannot go back.
  4. For highly discounted packs like Intro Pack 3×99 or Black Friday or others similar the code will not work because they are already highly discounted.
  5. The discount is valid to purchase full price sessions like 1 session £60 or 3Pack £135 or 4 pack £180.

Please ask our team to enroll you at

Do you use chlorine in your tanks ?

The float tank has no chlorine or added chemicals to keep it clean. In order to keep a commercial float tank sanitary, clean and safe it requires constant cleaning, maintenance and monitoring of water levels, H2o2, salt levels and PH.

Can I float using drugs or alcohol?

People under the effects of drugs or alcohol, intoxicated, cannot float.

Your account will be disabled and you not be permitted to float and your session will be treated as a late cancellation with NO REFUNDS.

We have a  Zero tolerance on drugs for your own safety.

Why a person with pacemaker cannot float?

The reason for the pacemaker being on the waiver form is that there was a case where somebody elsewhere floated and became so relaxed that the heart rate dropped low and the pacemaker thought something was wrong and began to shock them.

We don’t want to stop people with health conditions floating but we strongly advice seeking medical advice before floating and that’s why this is stated on the waiver form.

We prefer not taking the risk so we do not permit people with Peacemaker to float.

Do you provide combs?

For personal hygiene reasons we do not provide combs. They are personal hygiene items, like underwear or socks so, should never be shared with strangers.

Please feel free to bring your own combs or brush for your hair, thanks.

We do provide hairdryers in the Vanity room.

I can't swim, can I still float?

The is no swimming in the float tank. You simply float on 10 inches of water and because there are 575kg of Epsom salt in the water you float effortlessly.

Students - NHS - Blue Light Card - Discounts

30% Discount for Single Float and 20% Discount of Other Services.

Please Note this is not valid on Intro Offers/Black Friday and other very highly discounted packs, because they are already discounted.

Not valid on Gift Cards because the discounts are for yourself only.

Terms and Conditions:

Please email to your ID card with visible the expiry date and your name and the management will apply an automatic discount code on your account. Please send a new ID card when expired and we can ask for your ID in shop for verification identity.

Your discounts:
30% on single float
20% on 3 Float Pack £135
20% of 4 Float Pack £180
20% on Float for Two £95
Variable on Red Light Therapy (check with
More can be added so please check with

Is this like an expensive bath?

We’d love to see your bath if you can get it to be soundproof, lightproof, and hold 575 KG of Epsom salts 😉

Can I have the music longer during the session?

Yes of course, just mention to the host before starting your session that you would like the music to be longer as the standard is 5 minutes in the beginning and 5 at the end.

(It’s called 5/5)

You can have for example 15 minutes of music in the beginning and 15 in the end.

It’s called 15/15

Or you can have the music continuous through all the session.

No Shows

No Shows –

Payment will be charged in full for any missed appointments, unless it has been agreed in advance by the management to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

Click book now and you can choose the availability for your float.

You will also see Account option so you can log in with your username and password.

Once into your account click ” ME” to manage your account and to see all your history.

How do update the credit card on my account?

Simply log into your account with your email and password and click ‘ ME ” , scroll down and you will find an option to update the credit card.

Or simply call in store and we will update for you.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership simply sending an email to

We cannot accept cancellation by phone but we need a written proof as an email.

You can cancel anytime but we only ask you to give us a notice of 10 days before the payment is going out.

All sessions available in your account will expire after 30 days from cancellation.

When do membership payments get charged?

Membership payments are made every 30 days based on when you signed up. Every month provides you with one float session credit on your account which rolls over for up to 12 months and can be used at any time as long as your membership is active.

You can change the autopay date simply email us to:

Can I pause/freeze my membership?

Yes you can pause/freeze your membership from 1 to 3 months per each calendar year.

You can change the autopay date simply email us to:

You can Pause your Membership after the 3 months initial term.

Can I use my credits and float during the Pause?

Yes absolutely, the pause means only that you have stopped the payments in that period (up to 3 months per year) but you are still a member and therefore you can float and receive all benefits from the membership.

If you cancel your membership the credits will expire after 30 days.

Why didn't I get a booking confirmation?

Either the email address on your file is incorrect, or we don’t have your email on file or,  you opted out of receiving schedule reminders and appointment updates. To change your registered email address, or opt back into these emails, log in to your account and update it or send an email to 

Simply login to your account and click ” ME” to update any detail on your account, like email, telephone number, credit card details, etc.

My credit card is not working, why ?

We are very sorry that your credit card is not working and in this case we recommend to contact your bank or your credit card provider and ask them why it’s not working.

If you wish to change and update a credit card on your account you simply login and choose ” ME” and scroll till you see “update my credit card” or call us or email and we will help you with this.

Can I have a VAT receipt?

Yes you can. By law we have 30 days to provide you with a Vat receipt but we will do our best to provide you with one asap.

Simply email your request to

Thank you