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Covid Safety at Float Hub

By June 19, 2020April 12th, 2021No Comments

We are first and foremost a wellness centre, so the wellbeing of our team and customers is of vital importance to Float Hub. We will be following or exceeding Public Health England’s advice at all times.

Floating with us is literally isolating in a solution that kills viruses, including coronaviruses. It is safe and naturally conforms to strictest guidelines on avoiding spread.

Though that might be apparent to those who know the science of floating, we have put together this overview intended to reassure. We are confident our processes are robust and are committed to offering a safe, important wellness solution, at a time of heightened stress and anxiety for many.

Floating Is Safe:

Fortunately, our float systems are the most hygienic on the market and robustly designed from the ground up to effectively deal with viruses (including coronaviruses).

We can say with confidence that floating with us is safe. Apart from Sars-Cov-2 not being water borne, there are several reasons for this:

  • We use safe levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in our float solution, which is EPA recommended and the active ingredient in many disinfectants recommended to kill coronaviruses. It has a kill time of <1 minute at 0.5% concentration. H2O2 is non-toxic and degrades into water and air.
  • 100% of our solution is emptied and run through an external UVC filter between each session. UVC is the most effective sanitising method to destroy micro-organisms in pools and kills coronaviruses. We have the only type of pods in the UK that can guarantee this by emptying between uses.
  • Our solution in each pod contains ~550KG of salt, a natural disinfectant believed to be hostile to coronaviruses.

This means that everyone can enjoy the same unforgettable experience, safe and warm, enveloped in our silky-smooth solution.

Outside The Pods:

Due to the very nature of our centre, there will never be crowds, social distancing can be easily observed, and the risk of spread is low. That said, in these times of public concern, we are working to and beyond government guidelines to ensure absolute safety. We will:

  • Provide hand sanitiser.
  • Observe social distancing in communal areas.
  • Ask for use of face coverings in communal areas.
  • Switch to single-use cups, remove reading materials (feel free to bring your own!), slippers, and shared use moisturiser (until we can reinstate).
  • Maintain extra cleaning staff, to ensure regular disinfection of all surfaces throughout the day.
  • Add time between float sessions, enabling each room to be disinfected freshly for each session.
  • Provide PPE to staff (masks and visors in communal areas, respirators and visors in float rooms).

Cleaning Agents:

As an environmentally conscious business, we have carefully chosen cleaning agents that are safe, non-toxic, effective, and do not leave any nasty chemicals behind:

  • We will be using hydrogen peroxide on internal/external pod surfaces, which allows us to be sure of killing viruses whilst keeping the solution pure (H202 degrades into water and air).
  • Using electrolysed water on all surfaces, handles, touchpoints. Electrolysed water produces hypochlorous acid which is as effective as bleach, but safe on skin, and leaves no chemical residue (it’s actually also produced inside the human body as a natural disinfectant, kills 99.995% of bacteria within seconds, and it can be safely used to treat open wounds then also degrades to water – magic stuff!).

We are confident these are strong measures without disrupting the experience and will keep this page, our processes, and government guidelines under continuous review.