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As December has just arrived, for all except the organised few who’ve completed their Christmas shopping, the search for Christmas gift ideas steps up a notch. Some gifting sites reportedly do as much as 75% of their annual revenue in December, showing most of us tend to leave things a little late!

If you’re struggling for ideas, here are 5 reasons why floating can be a brilliant Christmas gift – even for someone who as everything.

Kick-start January

With many well-meaning New Year’s resolutions going to be centred around getting fit and well, gyms will be packed, but what can you give someone who’s either already into fitness, or not interested in hitting a treadmill? By introducing someone to floating, they can experience a multitude of both mental & physical health benefits, and perhaps develop a new practice that they love.

Beat The Winter Blues

A 2014 study showed that almost 1/3 UK residents have symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sometimes referred to as ‘winter depression’. As floating has been shown to help the body re-balance mood influencing hormones such as dopamine, cortisol, and endorphins, giving a gift of floating could also give a Christmas gift of happiness to a loved one you want to enjoy the festive cheer.

Improve Their Mental Game

As someone with a passing interest in golf, I can tell you from experience that many golf gift ideas are not as useful as hoped (metal golf tees, seriously!?). What if you could give something that might actually help someone lower their score.

It’s oft said that a golfers most important club in the bag is their mind; having the ability to focus on the moment to execute a shot can be the difference between a birdie or a blob.

Using float tanks has been consistently shown to improve focus, which might be the best gift you could give to the golfer in the family.

Pampering With A Difference

As London’s only luxe float centre, why not gift a couples treat with a difference. Floating is often the most relaxing thing people have ever tried, plus they’ll be able to make free use of little extras like Aesop skincare, and luxury organic teas. We’ve had customers leaving telling us they feel like they’ve had a full day spa, after just 90 minutes with us…

The Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

We all know at least one person like this who seems impossible to buy for. Maybe they’re quick to buy all they need, or simply not into material possessions… In floating as an experience gift, you could be giving them well-being, as well as a potentially life-changing experience!



You can easily get gift cards on our gift card page which have a special discounts during December, a limited number of 3 packs, plus we’ll soon have a special gift packs for someone special this Christmas available in store.