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As we’re approaching the end of our first quarter being open, it’s been fun to reflect.

From planning to now has taken closer to 2 years, placing a deposit on 6 of the best pods we could find 12 months ago, finding the most suitable premises we could, interviewing what felt like dozens of architects & construction companies, and yet it still felt like a leap into the unknown come opening day.

An endless amount of thought, engineering and effort goes into creating silence and a unique space that provides as deep a state of relaxation as you will find and it’s well worth it.

It’s been fascinating and at times humbling to see the first few months unfold, in which I’ve been grateful to be able to float often myself to be at my best and ensure we stay on track. Fascinating that what presented a challenge in terms of marketing (there are so many possible benefits of floating), has brought together a beautifully diverse group of people into our membership community.

We have nurses, office workers, Olympic athletes, CEOs, artists, entrepreneurs, analysts, dentists, and what actually transpires is that people usually get out of floating what they need. It might be used as a tool for exploring consciousness, but the effects have been just as profound for people who need to disconnect, get better sleep, pamper themselves, reduce chronic pain, or simply slow things down for an hour.

As well as having the chance to witness the breadth of benefits floating brings to different people, there’s one thing all of us on site have developed a new appreciation for… salt! Each float tank has around 525kg of premium grade epsom salt (which is why it is effortless to float) for everyone. The stuff is magical and is part of the benefits you can receive, when you have ~3 tons in use it develops real personality.

Now, it’s hard to not acknowledge there’s a lot of uncertainty, instability, stress or anxiety for everyone right now with the current political climate of our country. As it’s progressed, it has caused us to reflect more on how we provide this service of silence, rest and healing to help us all get through these challenging times with a calm and clear mind.

When we set out, the ambition was to bring the best possible floating experience, add some luxury but also to remain accessible to enable everyone who needs it to get something out of it (for example, our programs with the NHS). What’s come in terms of community feedback is the part that’s been humbling, and we’re genuinely grateful to have the support, ideas, and encouragement from our members.

In under 3 months, we’ve already reached #2 spot on TripAdvisor, making us the #1 float centre and one of the top spas in London.

Photo via @senergize_louis_divine


In part as celebration of this, and to stay true to bringing a luxe floating experience to London, available to those who need it, we’re going to reopen a limited number (200) of Founding Memberships at £40 per month for this, our first centre.

Anyone who signed up as a member since the previous round of Founding Memberships will be adjusted accordingly to save on their member fees for future months as long as your membership stays active.

Introducing the Float Challenge

We’ve adjusted the membership slightly to help encourage you in building a consistent float practice, which is what helps ensure you become accustomed to the unique environment and get the full, compounding benefits of floating. Now, you earn the free gift card upon completing your 3rd float with us, along with unlocking any free float credits you’ve accumulated by referring new members.

There has been another request we’ve heard (and listened to) often, in terms of being able to bring guests along who can benefit from your being a member. Whilst we want to reward members themselves firstly, we’re now also going to be making special member rates available for gift cards and guest passes – to make it easier for anyone who’d like to treat someone close to them.

For all those who’ve joined already, we are grateful to have you with us, and have also been working feverishly in the background so we can give back more.

Now, we’re starting to roll out our member perks program, which will include different discounts and opportunities available exclusively to members of Float Hub. There will be more partners added, though right now we’re delighted to be able to announce the below (more info will be sent directly to members) – to claim your discounts, you can simply show your Float Hub membership active account from your mobile, or ask for us to introduce you. We hope to improve the redemption process over time.

Announcing Perks Exclusive to Members

Members will be sent access to a new members-only page with more info on these offers, along with tips, resources and other tools to help you build and maintain a successful floating practice.

We’re continuing to add more partnerships and perks for our members, along with further tools and opportunities that will help to enhance the benefits of floating for you in-between each of your sessions.

Thank you again to everyone who has chosen us as their home for floating and helped to provide the feedback we need to become the premium float spa and experience we intended from the beginning!


– Tom Euinton 

Founder of Float Hub

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