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I’ve been floating since 2012 in the early days of the new wave of floatation therapy (thankfully) coming back to the mainstream and have now racked up more than 100 floats.

At times I fell in and out of a routine with it.

Sometimes I was travelling and didn’t have access to a float centre.

Now, I’ve found my current sweet spot after settling down in a new city and committed to floating every week in 2022 as I take on some big personal and professional goals in my life.

Do you need to float every week?

Everyone obviously has different needs, schedules and lifestyles, however the benefits of floatation therapy definitely get far better the more frequent you float. This is a big reason that’s led me to float around once a week as I balance multiple businesses (one a social enterprise) and my own creative and art projects.

I started out more along the lines of every two weeks, which still had an incredible impact on many aspects of my mind — anxiety, depression, creativity — and body like recovering past injuries, fixing lower back issues, improving my posture.

There are a lot of unknowns and stress can build up quick, so having a float each week allows me to let go of it all and reset completely to enjoy my weekends more fully while starting the next week fresh.

The return on investment from both of my businesses far surpasses the most I’ve invested into the cost of floating so consistently, not to mention the increased quality of life across many factors.


Benefits of floatation therapy

Imagine if you always had 50% less stress, more consistent energy, and a stronger sense of calm throughout each day.

I can’t guarantee any type of results from floatation therapy, they’re unique to each person based on a number of different factors and often what you need the most (based on my experience and what I’ve seen for thousands of others floating around the world).

The benefits of floatation therapy are only becoming more intriguing and well-documented as more studies uncover the data on how it positively affects our minds and bodies, along all the stories from people who are finally pain-free, enjoy their first deep sleep in a long time, or go on to achieve championships and major breakthroughs in their careers and lives.

You can hear some more from the BBC and Vogue and others saying the hype is real.

For me, it’s helped support me in multiplying my income a few times over, while developing a better work/life balance at the same time.

What will you float for?

Try it for yourself

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